About Diarybetes

Hi, My name is Justin Graham.

I was diagnosed with middle-aged type 1 diabetes at the age of 30, bought on by stress and a low immune system. I have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 20 years.

Recently 2019, my daughter nine years old was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes.

Having attended parental diabetes clinics to get a better understanding of how to manage Diabetes for children, I immediately recognised the industries lacking in connectivity with modern technology – not only to help parents but also help children manage carbohydrate calculation and insulin dosages.

As a parent managing insulin injections for a child, the amount of information was daunting, and the learning curve was overwhelming.

• Blood Glucose High Warnings

• Blood Glucose Low warnings

• Sick day Ketones

• Accounting for the effects of exercise on glucose levels.

• Reading and understanding food labels

• Weighing food, calculating carbohydrates and carb portions (15g of carbohydrates equals one carb portion)

• Finger pricks to calculate blood glucose level.

• Referring to a printed chart to look up the current glucose level vs how many carb portions to calculate the amount of insulin required. In the age of mobile technology, how archaic is this?

I’m sure these questions have been asked many times before;

– Why doesn’t the glucose finger prick monitor send the Blood Glucose value to a mobile application?

– Constant Glucose Monitors (CGM) send data to a Glucose Reader or Mobile app – why is this not automatically used in the Bolus Calculation?

– Why can’t you bolus your Insulin Pump from a connected mobile application?

– Why is the CGM separate from the pump. Can’t they combine in one item?

So I asked myself  – Well why not?

While attending the diabetes clinic at the Mater Children’s Hospital (Brisbane), not in an official capacity, I consulted with diabetes educators. I produced an electronic insulin calculator in line with the dosing charts supplied by the hospital.

I started mobile application development with big plans to make a difference.
I have been working hard, self-funding the project. However, given the task at hand is so large and has exponential benefits to everyone.

I am now asking for community support and engagement to take the project to the next level.

If you would like to get involved in a professional capacity, get in touch OR make a need donation – we are hoping to raise $500K – to complete the software development and take the app through clinical trials and TGA approval.

All donations, big or small, will go a long way.

Please help us make this a reality.

If you have Diabetes or you know someone who does, spread the word.

Help make a real difference to the treatment and management of Diabetes.