Yes! You heard right.

In the four months since we launched the Facebook site, we have amassed a following of more than 10 thousand Facebook followers.

There is obviously a need !

With this milestone, we are asking our Facebook community to help get the Diarybetes mobile app off the ground.

Via Crowdfunding, we hope to raise enough funds to complete the software development and take the app through clinical trials and Therapeutical Goods Administration approval for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

It can only take a little to make a huge difference.

A $10 donation from every follower would amount to $100K, $50 from every follower would get us to our goal of $500K.

Why Donate?

Be a part of something inspiring.

Whether you are living with Diabetes or are caring for someone that has Diabetes – wouldn’t it be great to have someone on your side – helping provide tools for better health care.

Living with Diabetes can be challenging. The Diarybetes app and medical platform will make it easier to keep your daily routine on track and allow healthcare professionals to understand your insulin requirements to manage your well-being better.

Diabetes is BIG BUSINESS – Turning large profits.

Together as a Diabetic Community, we can grow a voice that can help influence the industry and change the status quo.

We are fighting for open sharing of information and technology between Insulin Device Manufactures, compliance and standards to bring about change and open the doors for technology innovation, providing equality in the treatment and management of Diabetes for everyone.

What will my donation be used for?

Your donation will go towards much-needed funding to help drive technology development of the Diarybetes mobile application and Telemedicine Platform.

Our first step is to become a recognise not-for-profit organisation. With this status, Diarybetes will be able to attract donations and funding through corporate partnerships.

We believe in open transparency in everything we do, and you can follow our development progress here.

What Can I Do to Help?


Help fund the Mobile app development. Donate as little as $10 to make a big difference. 

Go Fund Me


Help us spread the word to everyone living with Diabetes, Friends and Family, encourage them to support a worthy cause and donate.


Start a conversation and get behind a worthy cause – use hashtag #diarybetes


Leave a comment on our Facebook page to help us drive engagement within the Diabetes Community.


Are you are a prominent person in your community or industry. Passionate about improving diabetes health care? Why not show your support by providing a raving endorsement for Diarybetes to be used in our media communication. Get in touch.

Professional Volunteering

Donate your Expertise. We are looking to work with exceptional people within the following industries. If you know of someone, ask them to Get in touch.

  • Mobile application development and testing
  • Web platform development and testing
  • Endocrinologist consultation
  • Diabetes Educators consultation
  • Diabetes Dietitian’s
  • Product data input